Why We Reconnect


I have thought a lot about how we grew up. I believe we were ahead of our time.

JFK represented more cultures, religions and ethnicities than some people can imagine. The socio- economic classes flowed from affluent to much less. We had homes that were blended and otherwise. The crazy thing was we had friends like us, but the others were not enemies.

I am so grateful that my circle of friends did not stop at one race, social class or any other dynamic. Sure, we had our preference of close friends, but most others were either associates or acquaintances.

In 2022, I don’t take for granted dwelling peacefully. We are different races, ethnicities, social classes, etc. and when we were in high school, we had no idea we were the poster children for diversity!

We really are a special class.  Here’s to our class of ’81.

~ Lisa McGlone (41st Reunion)



I want to share my sentiments to everyone in our class because I really think we have something special.

We turned 50! It is a testament to the schools that brought us all together, and each of us individually, that set the foundation for us to continuously and sincerely enjoy sharing and celebrating our lives - Together! It is one more blessing I never take for granted. 

And with this... I want to welcome all the new people we recently found. All who graduated with us are a special piece in our long enduring community of friends. Enjoy!

~ Linda Waters Gowen (30th Reunion)