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08/19/11 03:17 PM #1    


Felicia Barlow (Clar)

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09/05/11 01:23 PM #2    

Victoria (Vicky) Nunez

just curious. there must be some techies in our class. how is it that some people have so little of an internet presence. i've searched around on the internet for a couple of old friends listed as missing and there is very little on them.

2nd q: are we sure that all last names are spelled correctly? I was looking for yvonne almazan. nothing. don't have a yearbook handy. it's not almazon? thanks!vicky

p.s. george angelaras is listed as missing but he is around. he lives in montgomery county and his mom has a store in bethesda. is he on this site? if not i can follow up.vicky

09/05/11 07:05 PM #3    


Felicia Barlow (Clar)


I suppose some people don't want to be found on the internet so they keep a low profile. My own stepbrothers are that way, so if they don't go online or have items that could be found anywhere (volunteer work, etc.), there's not much we can do about it to find them.

Regarding the spelling of names, I got the Master List from Linda who got it from the school years ago.  I can change Yvonne Almazan's with no problem. But that won't prevent people from going on and finding themselves, as they can make corrections once they log in.

Regarding George Angelaras, anybody who isn't on the Facebook or Website is considered "missing" from the planning committee. Naturally, they aren't really "missing" in the world and we know somebody in our class probably has some contact with those "missing", which is why we're asking people to help us "find" them and get them to this website. I've done research on Facebook and found many, but just don't have a lot of time to find everyone. So, I'd VERY MUCH appreciate if you got word to George. I found someone on FB who I thought was him and sent him a message, but no answer.  Yes...please call him.




09/10/11 04:15 PM #4    

Carlton Phillips

I had not seen or heard from Charlie since I left JFK but had the opportunity to reconnect over the last year, and it was as if time had not passed. I was graced to have talked to my friend about all which had transpired over the years and about his son's. Charlie look in on us.... good friends are truly missed. 


09/11/11 05:05 PM #5    

Luis Gorres ('80)


Dear Friends,
Very nice to share… Enjoy your good old age.
Best attitude towards Old Age:
Before middle age – Do not fear!
After middle age – Do not regret!
Enjoy Your Life While You Can
Do not wait till you cannot even walk just to be sorry and to regret.
As long as it is physically possible, visit places you wish to visit.
When there is > an opportunity, get together with old classmates,
old colleagues & old friends.
The gathering is not just about eating; it’s just that there is not much time left.
Money kept in the banks may not be really yours.
When it is time to spend, just spend, & treat yourself well as you’re getting old.
Whatever you feel like eating, just eat! It is most important to be happy.
Food which are good for  health – eat often and more - but that is not everything.
Things which are not good for health – eat less but once in a while,
do not abstain from them totally.
Treat sickness with optimism. Whether you are poor or rich,
Everyone has to go through the birth, aging, sickness and death.
There is no exception, that’s life.
Do not be afraid or worried when you are sick.
Settle all > the outstanding issues beforehand
and you will be able to leave without regrets...
Let the doctors handle your body,
God handles your life with great care...He knows what to do...leave it to Him..
....but be in charge of your own moods.
If worries can cure your sickness, then go ahead and worry.
If worries can prolong your life, then go ahead and worry.
If worries can replace happiness, then go ahead and worry.
Our kids will make their own fortune....that's the reality....
Look After Four Old Treasures
1. Your old body – pay more attention to health,
you can only rely on yourself on this.
2.Retirement funds– money that you have earned,
it is best to keep them yourself, and also spend it on yourself.
3.Your old companion– treasure every moment with your other half,
one of you will leave first.
4. Your old friends– seize every opportunities to meet up with your friends.
Such opportunities will become rare as time goes by.
Running water does not flow back.
So is life, make it happy!
Regards and GOD BLESS!


09/11/11 06:34 PM #6    


Felicia Barlow (Clar)

 WELL said, Luis!

09/17/11 10:23 PM #7    


Lisa McGlone

Now that I see that we aren't wearing costumes (ha ha) what is the dress for the Saturday, event: 

a). just make sure you take care of the B.O!!!!

b). pressed jeans and a sharp crease with a cute top

c). a sunday/interview outfit

d). va va va VOOOOM Hot Mama!

10/04/11 12:57 PM #8    


Kirk Prentice

I'm curious to know what the total number of people that currently attending.  Classmates and the number of spouses/partners attending.

10/06/11 06:38 AM #9    


Felicia Barlow (Clar)

 We're currently around 95 attending.  Sorry, but since I'm doing everything myself, I just don't have the time to do a breakdown. Still working on some finalizing payments, getting Maybe's to Yes', football tickets, decor, slide show....

You can go to the "Classmate Profiles" page and click on the Who is attending the reunion link to see details.


10/06/11 10:46 PM #10    


Jeanne Zanger (Berman)

 Felicia, you are amazing wish I had your time and energy. We are looking forward to the event. And I am hoping to make sure Scottie Tilles and his wife are there, Michel Berman and maybe his wife Teresa Creegan (we've talked about it but no decision),and Jennifer Ptocnak and Martin Sulsky I think have purchased their tickets.   See you all soon.  Andre and I had a great time at the last one and are looking forward to another fun evening.  jzb

10/06/11 10:56 PM #11    


Felicia Barlow (Clar)


You're so sweet! Always have been.  I look forward to seeing all of you there.  I appreciate you wrangling the alum.  Yes, Jennifer and Martin have already purchased their tickets. (I'm so impressed by all the high school sweethearts and long marriages!)

See you next week!


10/09/11 01:48 AM #12    

Edva Dahan (Azrad)

This will be my first reunion attending, can't wait to catch up with old friends

10/09/11 02:59 PM #13    


Felicia Barlow (Clar)

 So glad you've made this one your first and you'll be there, Edva. Being the former dancing queen, you can lead the conga line. ;)


10/11/11 09:49 AM #14    

Garfield Lindo

Hey Gang,

I just spoke with Mrs. Popick and she plans to attend the get together at the Stained Glass Pub on Friday evening.  That lady had such a profound inpact on my life, I was thrilled to hear her voice this morning.


10/11/11 04:18 PM #15    


Felicia Barlow (Clar)

Very nice, Garfield! What did she teach?

BTW, I found a great photo of you in my collection from the 9th grade dance at Argyle. Oh yeah, be prepared. It's in the slide show!


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