In Memoriam

Michael Finkelstein

Michael Finkelstein

One of Michael's closest friends in our class informed us that he passed away in 1991. He served in the Navy.

To honor their brother, Michael's sisters contributed a panel to the AIDS Memorial Quilt. You can see his name on block 2411 on the search page:


For more information on the memorial and to make a donation:


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09/12/11 10:07 PM #1    

Kimberly Harper (Pollard And Burrows)

I didn't know he had passed. I have asked about him for the last couple of years. He was such a funny hilarious guy. We had so much fun.... Miss you

09/23/11 12:11 AM #2    

Bernice Ramey

Mike, you were a good friend.  RIP

09/23/11 12:50 PM #3    

Felicia Barlow (Clar)

Michael was one of the first friends I made at Saddlebrook Elementary. I was the new kid. He was so, so nice!  How tragic to lose such a sweet soul.

09/26/11 02:07 PM #4    

Janine Daub

Michael was so sweet, thoughtful, and kind.  I am so sorry that he is gone.

10/11/11 07:44 PM #5    

Susan (Suzi) Kitchen


I didn't think I was going to be able to do this. I'm still not sure I can. I miss you so much. Anita and Elyse are doing well, and your mom hasn't aged a bit! I've even found Cheryle, actually, she found me through Elyse, who I found through Anita. It's called Facebook, and you wouldn't believe it if you saw it. It's just too hard to explain, but let's just say no one is unlisted anymore.  Cathi, Judi and Scott are all good too and have a billion kids between them. Scott W and I are still close and even gave it a go for a few years recently on an alpaca farm. Yeah, you heard me (no pun intended) an ALPACA FARM- ME! Scott loves it- I'm a city girl I guess, so I've moved down the road to Harpers Ferry. Lived in Dupont for years before the WV transition. And what a transition! Well, you know.  Rhonda is my date for the reunion until her husband shows up. You'd like him, he's funny too, like Rhonda and Scott. We've found Goldberg! David is doing great and looks fantastic.He lives in Arlington now and can still make soda come out of my nose- I want him to date Scott and Rhonda's cousin Lana, but Scott says don't push it, so I don't. Bobby Yates is living in Florida somewhere and looks just about exactly the same. Angela and Tracey were at the last reunion and hopefully this one coming up on Friday.  Scott and I tried to find Crippen, but couldn't under either first name!  The stories about the Pacer live on... or was it a Grenada?

You should be dancing.

Alav hashalom baby.


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